I am currently at capacity for clients through October 2019.

My name is Sharon Husain, and I am a birth doula, a seeker of knowledge, and a lover of peace. How can I help you?

Life, at its core, is a series of impactful memories that shape who we are as humans. In modern life where everything goes a mile a minute, it’s a challenge to slow down and actually live life as it unfolds in the moment. While managing a pregnancy, it may seem impossible to carve out time from your busy career and/or family obligations in order to refocus energy on yourself. You may have a full range of feelings where you are nervous, excited, afraid, or confident all at once about how your labor and birth will play out. Each person begins the journey of pregnancy and childbirth differently, but ultimately birth is a powerful experience for everyone.

By working with me, I invite you to accept the presence of a nurturing labor companion who will complement the love and support you receive from the friends and family on your team. I encourage you to tune in to your physical, emotional, and educational needs, and I provide resources to help you fulfill them. Because your experience is unique to you and you alone and your memories will be yours forever, I tailor the support I provide to you. I value getting to know my families, learning what makes them tick, and doing everything in my power to help support their preparation for the best birth they can possibly have. I enthusiastically offer my services to people of all identities, belief systems, and socioeconomic statuses.

I am currently a birth doula in training working on certification with DONA International. I chose to certify with DONA because of its strong code of ethics, practical requirements, and evidence-based approach. I believe that parents are capable of making their own informed decisions surrounding one of the most monumental events in their lives, and that their choice is a fundamental right.