I am currently at capacity for clients through October 2019.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a medical professional? No, I am an emotional professional! I help you to focus on a dimension of pregnancy, labor, and birth that can easily be overlooked or not prioritized in a medical setting: your emotional well being.

There is no substitute for the advice of your trustworthy team of medical caregivers. If you pose a medical related question to me, I will encourage you to call your doctor or midwife.

I am thinking about using an epidural. Can I still work with you? Yes, you can still work with me if you choose to use an epidural. Sometimes even parents who plan to go without pain medication may find that they need it. Iā€™m here to support you and how you choose to seek relief.

Do you issue refunds for short births? No, I do not issue refunds for short births. It is impossible to predict the length of any labor, therefore my fee factors in the possibility that on the big day, labor could last 4 hours or 24.

How far are you willing to travel for my birth? Generally I can travel to births within the Greater Boston Area. If you plan to give birth outside of Greater Boston and wish to work with me, please contact me with your location to determine if I will be able to serve you.

How will I know we are a good fit? I offer a free 60 minute consultation to meet and discuss your wishes for your birth. Before we meet, I will invite you to complete an in-depth questionnaire so that our time in person can be spent efficiently.

Which payment methods do you accept? I accept transfers via Venmo, Paypal, Cashapp, or Zelle. Cash and personal checks are also acceptable.

What if you are sick or unavailable when I am in labor? I plan my life around my families and their births, and I will only take you on as a client if I know I do not have any scheduling conflicts. In the event that I am unavailable to join you for your labor and birth, I have a reliable backup who will take my place. she will be debriefed on your birth plan/preferences and will honor the terms of our contract.